No Worriezzz Deep Sleep Audio

🙌 "I can't believe it... it's working!"
Lauren, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

🙌 "Thank you, it's magic... lovely voice"
Pam, Naples, Florida

🙌 "So peaceful"
Jen, Manchester, England

🙌  "Delightfully relaxing and soothing... Namastê 🙏🏼✨"
Anita, Boulder, Colorado

🙌  "Thank you for this wonderful practice! 🙏🏻"
Candice, Lucca, Italy

🙌  "Beautiful. The most satisfying toe to head relaxation I have heard"
Cynthia, Dallas, Texas

🙌  "I absolutely loved everything about this. It was perfect relaxation."
Chassity, Indianapolis, Indiana

Unlike other insomnia remedies you may have seen, this DEEP SLEEP AUDIO has been created using ancient yogic techniques and is laced with energy medicine to powerfully support your mind and body to deeply relax so you fall into a natural, rejuventating, brain nourishing, healing sleep.


  • clear way of exactly how to consistently sleep well
  • ​A supportive sleep strategy that restores balance in your body and mind
  • Let the audio teach your physical AND energy body to relax and sleep and BREAK the cycle of SLEEP ANXIETY


1. Natural Sleep Masterclass: Prepare yourself for sleep using the techniques I share with you on the Natural Sleep Masterclass,

2. Dr. Sam's Super Sleeper Kit: Tried and tested additions for your personal sleep sanctuary.

3. Sleep Journal: Keep a record of your sleep and chart your progress and improvement.

4. Sleep Hygeine: Check out these infographics, for falling asleep and for avoiding broken sleep.

Get your comfy headphones ready and press play...

Let your body unwind, let your mind relax from the day's worries so you can fall into a rejuventating, brain nourishing, healing sleep.

The recording is woven with energy medicine to support your mind and body to deeply relax so you fall into a rejuventating, brain nourishing, healing sleep.

You deserve to have full nights of recharging sleep and to let go of the anxiety that is seeping into all your interactions because of your sleeplessness. Never again lose your appetite or get heart palpitations wondering if/when another night of wholesome sleep is coming your way.

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