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New Moon Healing Circle

Harness the power of the new moon for healing, growth, and transformation with the New Moon Healing Circle. Our community hub provides a safe and supportive space for you to connect with like-minded individuals, explore your inner self, and participate in healing rituals that honor the cycles of the moon.

Through guided meditations, energy healing sessions, and self-care practices, we offer a range of experiences that help you tap into the potential of the new moon. Whether you're seeking guidance, healing, or simply a deeper connection to yourself and others, our non-judgmental and compassionate community welcomes individuals of all backgrounds and experience levels.

Join the New Moon Healing Circle and embark on a transformative journey. Connect with a community of individuals who are on a similar path, and let's support each other as we embrace the power of the new moon. Sign up today and begin your journey toward healing and growth.

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Hello and Welcome to the New Moon Healing Circles.

New Moon Healing Intentions Journal

Introducing the New Moon Healing Intentions Journal - a beautifully crafted journal to help you set powerful intentions and manifest healing in your life. Explore your desires, release old patterns, and cultivate positive change with prompts and exercises designed for the new moon's transformative energy. Start your healing journey today and manifest your intentions with this sacred journal.

Aries New Moon - 21st March 2023

The First New Moon of The Astrological year was fiery and explosive! Use this healing circle to alchemise the energy of this time and use it to fuel your dreams and intentions for you and for the collective.

Aries New Moon and Solar Eclipse 20th April 2023

Taurus New Moon 19th May, Ascension Energy of Purification

Gemini New Moon 18th June

Perception from the heart.

What does the heart see?

Feeling compassion, receiving Solstice energy as well as the New Moon abundance to fuel our intentions.

Grounding into the central channel to mitigate the uncertainty that surrounds us.

Leo New Moon August 16th

Whoa, tonight's circle was a powerful call of the Soul to live in your Sovereignty - no more time to be wasted in inauthenticity!

Virgo New Moon September 14th

This month's circle is extra special as we embrace the energy of the New Moon in Virgo this September. 🌑✨ It will be a pre-recorded session, and I can't wait to share this transformative experience with you.

Libra New Moon and Solar Eclipse - COSMIC LOVE

Scorpio New Moon November 2023

We manifested a nebula of LOVE this month!  

We embrace the globe with our compassion and desire for peace.

Scorpio is intense and it reminds us of the truth of who we are, we walk forward through the fire and we are reborn.

This New moon is a hiatus point between death and rebirth, we are crossing a threshold into new territory on our collective and individual path. 

Sagittarius December New Moon

This New Moon is powerfully transfomative, there could be spontaneous changes amidst the intensity of this time of year.  This circle allows us to ground into the truth of ourselves, the strength that exists when we come together and share our energy with each other and with the world.

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