21 Days of Self-Worth Challenge

You are invited to a transformational journey of deepening self-worth over the next 21 days.  

Every day you will immerse yourself in a sacred meditation to uncover your authentic nature, unashamed, playful, joyous, light.

The meditations are guided and laced with energy medicine, these short pieces of energy work are designed to fit together, to imbue your being with high frequency energy to inspire and co-create a foundation of worth, intrinsic and unshakeable.

You are warmly invited to join this safe container, to bathe in the healing and nurturing energy every day for 21 days, repeating each meditation as often as you like to imprint this self-knowledge and acceptance deep within.

22 Modules

Day 1

Connecting to the heart, knowing your light 

Day 2

Listening to the sometimes small voice within.

Day 3

Calling your power back!

Day 4

Choosing to be more love

Day 5

Harnessing your inner Creatrix 

Day 6

Wiring in your belief in possibility

Day 7

Bypassing the busy mind to turn past hurts into a greater capacity for love

Day 8

The Magnetic Power of PLAYFULNESS

Day 9

Knowing your worth sets you FREE, be loyal to your Soul

Day 10

Making your Sanctuary within, Feeling Safe in your body

Day 11

Love without expectation - Feel free in love

Day 12

Embodiment is bliss - feeling joy and safety in your physical body 

Day 13

Bypassing the busy ego mind to feel free to be who you truly are

Day 14

Releasing all that doesn't serve you, time to be you-nique!

Day 15

Every moment is sacred and all your experience can be material to support your transformation

Day 16

The only way out is through, your Heart and Soul know the way

Day 17

Power in gentleness, commiting to raising your vibration and letting love lead the way

Day 18

Dropping judgement and comparison, being present with Self-love

Day 19

Strength, setting boundaries, Self-respect and honouring feelings of anger 

Day 20

The courage to be YOU in all your glorious uniqueness in all circumstances

Day 21

Letting your Heart and Soul guide you onward

Modules for this offering 22

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