21 Days of Healing Self-Love - Your Morning Routine

Join this 21-day journey into self-love to overcome anxiety and self-criticism. Using the strength of a group energy field, we tap into our own deep heart to find the treasure within, building with a simple daily, step by step, guided meditation with energy medicine to heal our hearts by discovering our true nature.

A 21-day Activation of the Heart Centre to Empower You to Overcome Anxiety and Uncertainty with Deep Self-Love and Connection to Your Sacred Heart's Inner Guidance.

25 Modules

Introduction to the practise

Welcome to 21 Days of Healing Self-Love

In this 21 day journey, together we are each going deep into the space of the spiritual heart, accessing our unique Higher Self's deep love, intuition, and wisdom. 

During this journey, we experience the gentle healing of past patterns where we may have felt unloveable or unworthy. 

We open to receive pure, nourishing self-love in a whole new way, supported by our Higher Self, creating a solid foundation from which to access our deep loving nature and to discover our powerful intuition and inner guidance.

21 Days of Healing Self Love - Journal

Modules for this offering 25

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