Master Resilience to Burnout and Feel Like Yourself Again (AKA The Mini Book of Burnout)

Are you worried that you're getting overwhelmed with life? Your family, work, social life, responsibilities, commitments… Are you juggling it all and feeling like things could come crashing down any day now? Look no further.

Do you notice

  • Headaches?
  • Sleeplessness?
  • Digestive issues?
  • Anxiety?

And even if you recognise these symptoms of chronic stress and burnout, do you chalk them up to the price of achievement and success?

You’re in the right place.

My name is Dr Samantha Wellappili and in my seven step guide, I concisely explain the basic mechanism of stress on a physiological level and how your mental, emotional and spiritual aspects are intimately and inseparably connected to your physical health.

I explain why it is crucial to rethink how you manage our stress, to support not only your physical, metabolic health in the long term (allied to the amount of stress hormones are flying around the body day to day), but also for healthy relationships and to set an example for your children. This quick read presents the case for why you need to recalibrate your attitude towards your work life to find the optimal balance.

Our bodies are incredible and can take a lot of stress from the toxins in the environment, your diet and the daily mental and emotional demands you are under. However, through over a decade of experience with patients and my personal experience of burnout, there is a limit.

The good news is, the body also has its own innate healing ability and it is built to recover given the right conditions, time and care.

This book gives you some fundamental, practical steps that you can ease into, creating new habits to lower your risks of burnout causing serious health issues in the future so you can stay productive while bringing back your sparkle, your joie de vivre and feel like you again!

Tag me on instagram when you've read the book and let me know how you get on! @drsamanthawellappili

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